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Originally Posted by cugel View Post
I was having similar problems on Amun before 1.9.0 was released and then again today. I fixed it by turning off my http proxy.
I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! damn -.-
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Tried everything you posted here and still nada.
I firstly stuck at 93%, then at 95% and after deleting everything I eventually stuck at 0%...

Moreover, I cant understand what is this "http proxy" and where to find it so give some more details on that pls (Windows7).

PS. Havent played for months and i think that I have encountered this issue since November but haven't rly been bothered untill now.

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You guys know how to turn it off on RO...
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I'm running my own http proxy on my home network. If you're not running one yourself and you have this problem, your ISP might be running a transparent http proxy, i.e. they're intercepting your http traffic and running it through a proxy -- there really isn't anything you can do about this except maybe call your ISP and ask them to stop doing it.

I'll bet surak is working on fixing the problem so that it still works even when proxied. It used to work fine through a proxy until 1.9.0.
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