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Technical Support Questions about game technical support to the users of the community

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i am logging in now to i hope evrything wil be fine
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Originally Posted by Lucky_Luke View Post
I can't give you an example right now - but I have seen tables which weren't well optimized. When you tried to query them e.g. they didn't reply with the order of data you actually put into them (you put A B C D, DB replied A B D C etc if you didn't use SORT BY statement).


Well, to everyone else, sorry for diverting the thread from it's original purpose!

And that's welcome news, Irsh!
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Game was up and running for me , and most others after some time, but throughout the time I played there were some users logging in saying they were still having trouble logging in. We still don't know what's happened but hopefully we'll have a response tomorrow when NGD is back in the office. It just seems too strange, that with the recent hacking the servers would be practically unavailable to most users for hours, and then were suddenly available with no one there to fix a server issue. The servers themselves weren't all down because there were some players logging into a "ghost town"; why were they able to log in but the rest of us weren't? Awaiting an official reply...
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