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Default Massive TEST - Invasion System - Version 1.11

Final Changelog

Version 1.11

Gameplay - Invasions
  • Modified: Relic timers start when at least two buildings are captured by the same realm.
  • Fort and fort: Relic Cage opens in 30 minutes. If castle is captured after, 10 minutes less to open.
  • Fort and castle: Relic Cage opens in 20 minutes. If the remaining fort is captured, 5 minutes less to open.
  • If a castle is lost, 10 minutes are added to the timer. If it is a fort, 5 minutes.
  • In all cases, the third building capture DOES NOT absorb the time remaining on the already captured fortifications. This is intentional, as it avoids possible exploits regarding the fact that you could open up a third relic by just waiting for the already captured buildings to hit 00:00.
  • New: Realm Wall Power source. This is a special altar located in three different points of the Realm Wall. Used to store a Relic. For each relic stored, a 10 minute vulnerability of the Realm Door is granted.
  • Locations are shown in the map with a discreet and small icon.
  • New: When the vulnerability of a Realm Door ends, all buildings are restored to the owner realm and all Relics restored to their altars.
  • Modified: When selecting a building door, the status bar can be seen as when selecting a player or creature.
  • Modified: Players can't mount when carrying a Relic.
  • Modified: Dragons are summoned after placing the second Relic in the Realm Wall Power sources. As soon as the invasion finishes, they go away.
  • New: "Captured" Realm Wall Status. In this state, the wall belongs to the invading Realm. This means that the doors will be invulnerable to attacks, and that the flag cannot be interacted with. During this instance, the invaded Realm must protect its gems until the "Captured" timer reaches zero.
  • New: Capturing the Realm Wall now lasts for the same amount of vulnerability time obtained. This is shown in the map as a counter.
  • Modified: Internal Wall doors now act like front doors too. Meaning they will be invulnerable or not at the same time than the front door.

Realm Balance Tweaks and Changes.
  • Added: Wall Camps. When your realm is under attack (vulnerable or captured) you may respawn in a Camp located 25 seconds by horse from the inner door of your wall. (Now, the only way was to use the city's save. This save is very far from the Realm Door in Alsius, and in Ignis a bit farther than in Syrtis. This will balance this issue instantly.)
    Modified: Wall capture point can only be captured while vulnerable and by the vulnerator realm only.
  • Modified: Realm Doors have more health than regular Fort Doors.
  • Modified: Realm Door is stronger when the realm is the least populated.
  • Added: War Confidence power that is casted automatically when players of the least populated realm are near a fortification or Realm Door.
  • Added: Trapdoor icons in map when realm is captured to show alternative exit/entrance. (Also, when trying to attack the captured doors, the game tells you about it).
  • Added: Realm Balance. When a realm is in disadvantage and the players die in their own Realm Door zone, the respawn is instant.
  • Added: Realm Balance. When carrying a Relic, it casts a power that allows to reduce the speed of the carrier just a little bit. This is set individually by relic, to balance distances of all realms.

Dragon Wishes.
  • Modified: Dragon Wish of Warmaster Coins raised to 12500 WM Coins.
  • Modified: Dragon Wish of Experience raised to 30%.
  • Modified: Dragon Wish of Dragon Dungeon reduced to 4 days. (7 days, in the long run, makes it less desirable as people get tired of it).
  • Modified: Dragon Wish "There can only be one" removed.
  • Added: Dragon Wish "Let there be drop". Grants a Scavenger Gem which raises significantly the drop rate for 6 hours. This Gem is granted to each player at the Dragon Cave.

Miscellaneous - Bugfixing & Tweaking.
  • Fixed: Some points near the wall capture point where you could relog and stay there to recapture.
  • Modified: Sound of Energy Barrier when casting and also when being hit. (it was so annoying!)
  • Modified: Reward of Warmaster Quest of killing Noble reduced to 5000 WM Coins.


It's important to let you guys know that the vulneration times, as well as the relic ones are NOT final. These may vary in the final version if needed.

AMUN Version 1.11 11/12/2014

AMUN updated!

- Modified: Noble WM Quest now checks if the user has been logged in in another realm during the invasion attempt. If yes, doesn't grant the objective. Can be taken only once every two weeks.
- Added: Premium item Melt Weapon. Allows to melt Magnanite weapons into ingots. Lvl 55 weapons result in 14 ingots, lvl 45 ones into 9 ingots.
- Added: Notice for everyone around the building when a Relic Cage is opened.

Notes: Fixed, owner realm of door not being able to cancel capture while vulnerable.
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For "Let there be drop" is it a continuous time span of 6 hours or does it work like the xp and drop boosts do? What percentage boost will it be to the drop chance?

How are you going to handle a player in the least populated realm hunting around enemy forts (gaining the war confidence boost?)

Is the slowing of the relic carrier a fixed value (can't move faster than x) or can things like hotw/onslaught still be cast?

Reducing the wmc for noble to 5k is going to mean less people buy the wmc boost - could this be applied to wish wmc aswell? Also if you apply this before my current boost is over on my marks I'll rage!!!
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I wanna try the new dragon wish
Syrtis Knight
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Originally Posted by Nemesis123 View Post
I wanna try the new dragon wish
If you mean the scavenger gem... It's beautiful.

Alsius or nothing
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this looks so good. can't wait for it to go live
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One thing I didn't see in the changelog is of players(enemies) being ported enmasse out of inner realm post invasion end. I don't know if this is implemented but I have seen people talking about this thing, so not sure.

Everything else looks good. We are go for liftoff.
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I'll be there.

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Originally Posted by Chrysalis View Post
I'll reply in a simple way:

We thought of all that you mentioned. This system will evolve and has plenty of points in which it will do. You are predicting too much (not saying some points aren't possible). And this:

Originally Posted by Chrysalis View Post
I think the current relic system is fine as is.
This is completely wrong. The current relic system is one of the reasons the game is where it is now. How come you make a lot of effort to get a relic, store it somewhere and then, you login the next day to find out someone invaded with your effort but without you.

The base of the new system is focused on solving that critical issue and built in a way that is becoming more and more configurable and modifiable. First versions surely wont be perfect, but we will be there to take notes and make it evolve.
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I like everything except for the gate can't be capped by defenders. Most of the time capping the gate was an invaluable defense strategy when outnumbered - it breaks up the enemy zerg a bit and allows you some time to recap gems.

Having said that, I imagine now when invaded everyone will simply go to gems or to the road or to the noble. Might make defense easier, but also allows for loads of confusions 'arvanna guys?' 'no noob, go kors' 'killing noble now' 'tracks n of fis'. Before you could just ignore all of this and go to the gate.

Then again, maybe not so bad. Makes having a really good party all the more important. Might promote teamwork - potentially exciting.
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I am a bit dissapointed that you didnt think of nerfing the GC (lvl 4 forts) or atleast place him inside the fort. It seems pretty easy to camp a fort as long as there is a gc. The least populated realm has trouble taking or retaking forts mainly because of the gc. I find that its important that taking a fort should be made easier, which results in more action and more balance between realms.
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