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Leily, Adrian,
I am wondering is there any specific reason why realm armor is account bound?

I very much liked the idea of having a chance to try these new looks, but this current way of kind of ''forcing" us to buy item fusion too if we want to have any use of the armor piece at all is definitely hurting the sales of the specific item and therefore the item fusions too.

In my opinion making it tradable and perhaps at least normal on all armor resists would surely boost the sales of both the Ream armor pieces and item fusions, because many might not be willing to spend around 10k xim just to get that single armor piece look, but we would probably be willing to pay someone else with items or magnanites for them to buy or fuse it in our place which would be a win for both involved sides and more profit from these specific items for You.

Would be an improvement worth it for all of the parties.
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Originally Posted by Eizaix View Post
...I am wondering is there any specific reason why realm armor is account bound?...
Well, it's most likely the same reason(s) NGD had to character or account bound EVERY thing these last few years. Someone correct me if wrong, but I can't think of even one xim-shop or event item that has not been bound lately.

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