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PPL who use the word "nigga" / "nigger" know whats about it so stfu with "oh he didnt know" ffs.
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Originally Posted by -Edge- View Post
The direct polish translation of murzyn is nigger. (you can call a black guy a murzyn in Polish, they will understand what it means and not find it racist) Anyway its one of the many stupid things the world cannot comprehend. In school we had a debate class on why the word nigga is reintroduced, after people worked a long time over the past decades to abolish the word nigger.

Now they bring it back themselves, but if it ends with an "a" it's apparently not racist, nigga nigga nigga. But we went to see Of Mice and Men during a school trip and of course the classic dialogue has the word nigger. And it was so ironic to see the black people rolling and turning in their chairs moaning about a classic being "racist", because it was a play about the times in actual history we lived through? And they were just actors, using their dialogue? Then they went back to school and it was yo nigga this, nigga here, nigga that all over again and it wuz all cool.

Fo real dog.
Thanks for the insight.
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