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People start to adopt Vulcan as a new and more robust API. Well as i read it will not be faster unless you make your engine multi threaded and so on. NGD3D as i see it is single threaded so far.
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Originally Posted by ieti View Post
NGD3D as i see it is single threaded so far.
NG3D is multithreaded.
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Since Regnum did not have best performance for me with the AMD opensource driver and I couldn't use eye candy with it (multitexturing seems bugged, water was invisible), I tried closed driver. Performance was better, but game kept freezing for one second whenever I selected someone who had a magnanite weapon. Water was fine with it, multitexturing too, quite a nice graphics ... both had bugged Son of the Wind animation, as mentioned in other report.

What I did ... I installed mesa 11 with d3d9 gallium tracker and wine with d3d9 patches to use the gallium nine ... I couldn't believe it ... I got superior graphics, Son of the Wind working and even 10 more FPS than I got with proprietary fglrx driver. That is something that made me believe how bad OpenGL renderer in Regnum is when compared to Direct X one. Wine+regnum (and 32bit!) outperforms 64bit native linux client with much nicer and not bugged graphics. Also spell shorcut keys work without having to switch my keyboard to US layout.

I wonder if there is still someone working on OpenGL renderer since when Surak left the team.
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