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Default Missing character?

So i havnt played Regnum in years and years, cant remember what server i was on, whatever one was NA. So I log on and i only see a level 18 barb and level 9 mage, that cant be right. I had a higher level barb, 40-50 at least, but hes gone. I thought i must have logged into some second account i had but i cant find any info of a different account and i have xims on this account so it must be the one i used. This often happens because i'll start a game with an account and come back years later to make a new account, but when i tried my other emails to get my username i'd get a blank email in return.
My website profile seems a little off too, it set my gender to female and says i've reached max level on a character, is that just buggy?
Any chance to check my character history ? I think my guy was named Khor ? I feel like if there was a server merger then i got stuck with a couple low level alts. I also had a low level mage character that had a Major Scroll of Mastery that i was going to use on him, but i dont see him either. The low level mage i did have on my account did not have the scroll (unless it was in his bank in which case shit)
Playing on steam too.

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Considering the age of your forum account, it should be RA where your original account was created, anyways:

You can check out your forum account in your account details on regnum online website. There you login with the same credentials as in the launcher.

Try it with your account (with those low chars) - if it shows a different or no forum account, you knowthis is the wrong account and its unlikely an issue with vanishing characters, rather just the wrong account credentials.

Good luck
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