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Old 08-07-2014, 09:51 PM   #11
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This is a great start. I love the removal of chance spells and CC duration reductions. Great job.

I like what you did with Steel Skin. Can you do the same with Divine Intervention? i.e. make it self-cast-only but prevent casting damaging powers while it's on? This would fix invincible barbs with DI + UM and also allow conjurers to be played well without a partner. It would also stop the constant begging for DI from barbs, which gets tedious.

Also, please change MS behavior to something less absolute if you can. i.e. don't kill all buffs in one stroke.

I'd be cautious about giving out more power points. Everyone already has too many since the level cap change. It would probably be good for the game to have to make compromises again.
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Regarding power points..
In my experience of playing different classes, I don't think that marksman or hunters need any power points extra. On the contrary, I always had some pps "remaining" while I chose my spells.
Warlocks have a decent amount of pp's, I could build a decent setup, but I didn't have anything to spare, and had to sacrifice some spells I would otherwise take with me. That's a result of mental tree cc's nerf. Still, I think locks are ok
Judging from the changelog, conjus shouldn't have any problems with powerpoints, although I am aware that they never had too much of them to spare before..

Warriors I have no idea about, although from my feeble experience with knight I think they should have enough pps too
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i like most of the changes, but...
50% SS and SW... how are we supposed to kill bosses? #bosswhoring is life
and +1 to RisingCold, 15 seconds stalker wont even be enough to escape, or hide, or anything.

btw, War Zone bosses are lvl 60 in Amun... Will this be confirmed when the next update gets realized in regular servers? say yes pls
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Old 08-07-2014, 10:18 PM   #14
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I'm enjoying it so far. Marks is good to play again, and I don't spend most of my time playing being stunned or frozen. The game was becoming far too reliant on CCs and kind of sucked when you had to stay there stunned for 15 seconds while your allies get slaughtered.

I also like the time master change, and no offensive spells within steel skin. Seeya warjus.
I'm a bit concerned about the lack of defence on barbs now, though I guess they had it coming at some point. In any case, some really good changes, and I hope every one else enjoys them (or at least learns to).

Nice update so far guys.
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Old 08-07-2014, 10:30 PM   #15
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On a more serious sidenote, this is by far the greatest update I have ever seen. I thought about quitting, but you managed to get me back in once more

Conj will need some tweaks, same goes for Marks (I think their duel power got hit a bit too hard, but this is a thing only time will tell).
For all the other classes, I am looking forward to see it on live and play around with it.

Some small problems I encountered:
  • Stalker casting time is instant, changelog says .5 cast (Keep it, it's awesome)
  • Stalker does not state its only castable with allies in range
  • Stalker does eliminate either Wild spirit or Movement Speed equip bonusses
  • Summon lich is enabled even if the Summons tree is not up to 19
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Old 08-07-2014, 10:39 PM   #16
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very nice changes, 100% positive changes
still a lot to do, but I think NGD knows it best meanwhile

additional idea:
reducing general amount of disciplin and strength points, so everyone will have to chose more wisely
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Old 08-07-2014, 11:25 PM   #17
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Best changelog I've seen, put it on the live servers pls
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Originally Posted by Irsh View Post
...It will just be a knock game with everyone having options to stay on foot while the barb keeps getting knocked down.
BS! No, from all I can see at 1st glance, this cc-nerfing 'balance' package is truthfully a really BIG boon to all max-direct-damage-types (aka barbs & uber-archers) & a BIG bane to all others who actually need alot more time (aka cc-users) to deal sufficient damage to actually kill their targets & also, enough time to maintain a safe distance. CC's are what give you that needed time. FACT: un-cc-ed barbs (barbs that reach you) are quick-death machines. Game's 'development' has increasingly trended this way since just before WM until now (i.e. barbarians are the only real killers & all other classes' various & diminished roles are basically relegated in RvR to being just the barbs' supportive-sidekick-flunkies). With a bit of (mostly) knight & conj support, CoR is seemingly now more than ever before the barbarian class's (along with those pesky boss-ammy/ring-using max-range uber-mark's) personal RvR-paradise (Barbnumb Online!) .... but hey, we'll see

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just... wow. i really like what i see here, will have to test around a bit.

tho i still think that no-op-gear hunters might still be underpowered damage-wise...
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Old 08-08-2014, 12:15 AM   #20
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warlock changelog analysis:

mindpush effect reduced : barbs now have better chance of roar and more normal hits before mages can get away. considered nerf

Prick ivy duration reduced : nerf

willdomain : more points commitment now. consider nerf

silence : nerf

timemaster : new spell, unknown

slow: effect reduced. nerf

windwall : range dmg protection increased. buff

crystal blast : nobody use cuz it's melee range, high casting time

golem fist: nobody use cuz high cooldown, high casting time of 3 sec and high mana cost

sultar's terror: knock chance removed, buff (NDG's promoting the use of terror now). effectiveness still to be tested

darkness: big fucking nerf, duration at lvl 5 is 15 sec with a cooldown of 2 min, range 20, and casting time of 2 sec... why would u even bother casting it if it only last for 6 sec at lvl 1. PA can not dispell it anymore but duration is so low now it's no longer effective.

freeze : nerf

frozen storm : new, unknown

Overall, only windwall gets a bit more juice and willdomain gets a longer range (same for the other class). terror gets a buff. Everything else is nerfed...

In this changelog, NDG buffed the arcania tree in order to promote the use of Terror. However, as all the ccs are nerfed, discipline points for warlock become more scarce. This change is a huge blow to warlock class as its attacks rely heavily on these cc chains.

We will see how this whole thing plays out though. Warlocks will have to adapt and come up with new tactics to take down enemies because now warlock have less effective ccs and don't have enough dmg output compared to other OFFENSIVE dicipline class...god help us

Less than 5% of overall population play warlock. I think that number is gonna drop again. Who the hell would play warlock now? shit dots dmg that can be dispelled in RvR, now shit ccs, plus shit defense and shit range...lol I honestly don't see any merit in this class anymore...

I can image those poor warlocks stick their heads out in front of the zerg to cast a 3 sec + gcd + 1 sec range 30+ little Terror and then get raped immediately after by barbs that are charging cuz frozen storm is gone... timemaster is gone...mindpush nerfed, ivy nerfed, freeze nerfed. all u got is a fucking windwall with a 15% ranged protection lmao. holy shit this is sad.
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