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Old 09-03-2010, 11:00 PM   #11
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Originally Posted by chilko View Post
Defense stance is supposed to be infinite, if we changed it we would have mentioned it in the changelog.

Please repor this as a bug.
I haven't noticed that it got changed to infinite once. O.o
This is how it is on Amun right now:
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Originally Posted by PT_DaAr_PT View Post
I haven't noticed that it got changed to infinite once. O.o
This is how it is on Amun right now:
Well, then the description is bugged or just wrong.

Hope, that the spells that got switched, get their right description and new spells even new description (for Offense Stance - as example - it's missing)

Btw. I noticed that in nearly all spells, players and enemies are reffered as "she" or "her".
The weapons nails the opponent and reaps her apart, causing additional piercing damage.
Rigorous Preperation
After a concentration moment, the knight spots her weaknesses.
Shield Bash
A rapid shield strike damages the opponent, making her dizzy.
Fire Magnification
The wizard channels fire damage into her staff.
The warlock drains health from a target, and adds to her own reserve. She cannot drain more than what is required to fully heal or more health than the objective's current points.
Strategic Position
The marksman knows how to locate herself in advantageous positions in battle.
et cetera.
Well, doesn't impact the gameplay, but it could be quite disturbing for the male players.
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Well since this is a big change already, why not swap syrtis castle for algaros so the map is in proper balance. Trelle save would then be further away from algaros.
It's all about the money, because money makes the world go round, and round the bend, who knows when all this crazy sh*t will end.
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i would like to see protect ally modifed to either instant cast or more range. It is ridiculously hard to cast as it is.
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Originally Posted by Gawyn_Trakkand View Post
i would like to see protect ally modifed to either instant cast or more range. It is ridiculously hard to cast as it is.
I agree, it is really difficult to cast on someone as you have to be right on top of them to do so. And when someone is knocked you gotta run all the way over there to use this spell, it should be instant with some more range. The idea of this spell is pure awesomeness.
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Well my opinion, about

** Conjurers :

- I love what you have done to summons, now this tree has become more useful at last, esp for high levels, and resolved a bit the issue of OP summons.
Well grinding will not be so easy anymore for Conjurers, but I feel it was too easy anyways.

- But I'm still disappointed by the New Heal Ally and the changes in the life tree.
Because it's basically less effective for more or less the same mana cost, but the biggest problem is that it heals according to a % of the target's total health, which is completely dumb, and creates situations where it is overpowered (GCs, gem holders).
Same thing for the Live Saviour thing, which in concept is a great idea, but its long cooldown and long cast time makes it kinda useless.
The Mass Resurrection is an interesting spell aswell in concept, BUT seriously way too chance based. One of the main interests of the support Conjurer class is that there's almost no chance factor and no resists, but seriously, a spell that costs 800 mana, 5s cast time for only 50% chance ? So 1/2 times it will be a complete waste, no thanks. It would have been better if it was working like the old VS, but with this very reduced radius (6m) (eg: lvl1 = 2 rezzes, lvl2 = 3... etc...)

- And the Conjurers will still have to struggle because of the mana. Fights will be longer and faster, more spells will be required, more mana and faster too, so please reduce the mana cost of most of Conjurers support spells (esp dispel)

** Warlocks :

- The variable GCD is a great step to limit Warlock's casting speed because at the moment the GCD for warlocks is way too fast, allowing them to cast almost gapless any spell. I love the change to the Casting Speed too, reducing the effectiveness of +CS items and gems, and so the ubergeared locks won't have so much advantage compared to the usual ones.

- I'm indifferent to the change of SK. Of course it will have to be used more tactically and this spell will be less powerful (because dispellable and retaliable), but I still don't understand why it shouldn't be able to be cast on mobs

** Marks :

- I feel that marks lost everything. They lost their damage and their speed (nerfed mobility + removed escapist). I don't understand why DS has been given to hunters, and replaced by a worthless buff (why spending mana on a buff that gives you a bit more dmg but reduces so much your attack speed ?).

- In the meanwhile, no change has been done to solve marks mana issues, except maybe a slightly better mana regeneration that will only be useful to compensate recharged, since all other marks spells still cost too much mana.

- Arrow cost is still a pain in the ass also.

- The only good thing : the improvement to Foresight

I really feel marks have been abandoned for this update

** Hunters :

- I really appreciate the new Stalker that will allow hunters to be supportive like they should be, and create new battle strategies

- Reveal is also nice because there was no counter against camoed hunters, now there will be.

- Losing pet when camoing and pet nerves will also finally get rid of the so lame and too easy camo-ambush-confuse-optrolltard trick used by almost every hunter

- The LP nerf is also very nice and will prevent this spell to be used as a "oh shit" button like now.

- I still regret that Confuse hasn't been looked at. Seriously a so long duration for a so crippling CC (esp against Conjurers) is not correct.

** Generally

- The new skill system is better imo, it will require more skill to make setups and people will have to invest in a spell to really get it.

- The terrain changes (alga's surroundings and trelle save) are welcome and solve the issue of trelle save being too close from alga

- Fixing armors (esp lvl50 mages ones), and some weird old bugs of the game is very nice !

** Conclusion

I think that overall, the new balance update will be great because it will solve a lot of issues and imbalances. It's nice also to see that you focused on some broken classes like knights and melee in general, but I think some additionnal work could have been done towards Marks and Conjurers.

The other realm awaits...
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Originally Posted by Zas_ View Post
It took me some time to test new hunter gameplay on Amun, here is some suggestions:

New Enemy Surveillance:

The "short" output is very hard to read.

Since it gives information about each enemy in each direction with a 5m resolution, output can be quite large.

Here is an example (from today's Amun):

Enemy Surveillance (4)
Tracks to the north
Mage [1 +15m]
Tracks to the south
Warrior [1 +10m]
Tracks to the southeast
Warrior [2 +5m] [1 +10m] , Mage [1 +5m] [1 +10m]
Tracks to the west
Mage [1 +20m] , Archer [1 +30m] [1 +35m]

Here what i propose:


Enemy Surveillance (4)
Mage [1] +15m
Warrior [2] +5m [1] +10m , Mage [1] +5m [1] +10m
Warrior [1] +10m
Mage [1] +20m , Archer [2] +30m


* no need to repeat "Tracks to the"
* indentation to ease reading the log
* order of direction should be always the same (clockwise here: N -> NE -> E -> SE -> S -> SW -> W -> NW)
* number of enemies in bracket to ease total calculation
* over 20m, group by 10m (+30m +35m -> +30m)
* over 50m, group by 25m
* over 100m, group by 50m

It returns weird results sometimes, need more testing.


* it should not break stun effect
* it should be more obvious who is under Reveal effect
* current spell animation is not specific to it

New Stalker Surroundings:

* icon over the head of people is not that great
* please make all people under spell effect semi transparent (camo visual effect)

New Mobility:

* useless at anything under level 4-5 now
* make it 10% at all levels
* reduce duration at lower levels (ie. 12,14,16,18,20 secs)

Camouflage Corpse:

* with new power point system, no hunter with ever bother with this spell
* make it useable on enemy's corpse too
* slightly increase lower level duration

Armor system:

* looks ok to me
* still need more testing


* New Metal Golem doesn't fit well in the Regnum Universe, imho.
* Other summons are great
* When stolen, a summon should change its color (it keeps first owner color, while fighting in another realm, old issue)
I repost because you closed the thread Stage 13 one hour only after.

See original post for better formating and colours

I'm a bit surprised you declare final stage now... so many things need to be tuned.

Overall i think many changes are nice, live test will tell it all

I comment only about RvR oriented petless hunter POV since i'm only playing this class at war, after some days on live servers i'll be able to have a better view of the new gameplay.

Things i don't like:
- new power point system (well, i'm ok with it, but it reduces a lot number of available spells and so reduce possibilities for me)
- hunter weird nerf: speed, damages, defense, pet, spells, .... while needed, all at once it is a bit too much imho.
- useless spells (ie. spells which are not worth before level 3, please pay attention to this, ie. mobility spell: +2% for 20 seconds... seriously?)
- you didn't nerf confuse (frankly a duration max = current level 3 if far enough)
- spell elude has not enough spell resistance to be useful, either increase resistance or add an effect or increase duration a lot, no archer use it.

Things i like:

- new Stalker Surroundings
- speed movement reduction removed on camouflage
- the power increase for warriors, now they are really boring
- the new Ngd behavior regarding community
- this game

Things i think you'll have to address (very) soon:
- UI (see this thread)
- Linux graphic performance
- more appealing in-game "activities"
Annavilya / War-Luck (Haven)
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Make unstoppable madness 15 seconds to balance it with army of one.
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Originally Posted by Kaliek View Post
Make unstoppable madness 15 seconds to balance it with army of one.
I would also suggest that, since its a spell that does not protect from damage.
Before update (Hours) barbs used UM(5) and Ons(5) and knights kick(5) feint(5)
After updated (Amun) barbs droped UM, droped Ons and use kick(5) feint(5), knights use Ons(5).

This is forced by a very short UM duration, please make it at least 15s, so its worth to cast it and kick(5) and feint(5) will not be the only possible correct option.

System when we had 1st lvl spells, some were giving already 10% of resistance for free for certain weapon and some useful skills that were not skilled. Now we are limited only to the skills we train.

The last thing that I have to complain about is that some of spells that have extremely short duration are completely useless on first 3 levels and not worth casting.
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My opinion hasn't changed, same as yesterday
Originally Posted by Myself
In Healing tree we now have 3 direct heal spells:
one with short cd but pretty ineffective -> Heal Ally
one with a huge effect but a long cd -> Life Savior
one area with a high mana cost and a high cd -> Greater Healing
This last one is hard to cast because the ally you have selected must be wounded or it won't work (even if all the other players around are wounded) and we all know how it's hard to select someone in group fight. Moreover this spell is a waste of mana if only few allies are wounded.

So it's one useful heal spell replaced by 3 spells ineffective except in some rare situation (no effect or always on cd)

Mass resurrection : I really think VS is better. This new spell is luck based and cost a lot of mana. It will also helps more big armies as more conjurers means less mana issues and more "Mass resurrection cast", more players means more players revived. At least VS forced the conjurer to come back from save, so even in huge group he had to think twice before to use it, and it is a really useful spell when defending realm gate or trying to take back fort/castle fast before it to be in danger.

Tremor removed : it's sad, one of support conj last offensive spells is gone.

About mana issues, maybe you could have passive bonus to regenerate it faster on level 4 or 5 support spells like greater regeneration or pylon for example. I don't think a lot of warjurer are using these spells at high levels.
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