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Default Antialiasing -disabled

It's just a question ...
I have not much experience with PC-s and last technologies , i used and i use Mac-s for my work from 12 years .I was playing CoR on a MacMini , but because it's not just right for gaming decided to buy a minimal gaming PC.
AMD Ryzen 7 1700X , Radeon RX580 8Gb VRam (Saphire Nitro), 16 Gb Ram.

It's play very smooth at Very hight details (max) details , fullHD , real @60 FPS.
(and no more fps drops or lag using 500 mb/s IPS internet connection)

But only Antialiasing it's greyed out (as you can see in screenshot)

Any idea why ? ...


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That function always stayed that way.
but the changes are applied by checking the box with the same name.
the lines become softer.
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