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Default My Problem with Regnum

There is little economy in Regnum Online.

Economy is where there are other players competitively pricing and selling items. There is almost no economy in Regnum Online, and the way the game is designed I don't really foresee an economy developing. An economy leads to more MMORPG-like elements, which attracts a much larger crowd.

Developing an Economy: A Few Ideas

I'm not much of a hardcore RPG'er or mastermind, but I can suggest some material anyway.

[1]Allow every monster to have drop randomness of certain items. While they do drop items, these monsters should have a randomness in which they drop items of more usefulness.

[2]Have non-combat skills with uses. This will allow people to do things other than fighting, and allowing those items to be sold, wherein you couldn't buy them in a store. For example, making a cooking skill would create an economy for selling raw meat from monsters in bulk-sizes.

[3]Give people the ability to set-up shop, or create an "auctioning" center wherein one can put an item, a price, and another person can come up and by it from the auctioning center. I'd say auctioning center in consideration of shops lagging up major cities.

Please, feel free to add on or discuss - this isn't a well-thought out post, just something to brainstorm. I like Regnum in it's current state, but a booming economy would make it so much better in my eyes. Hopefully NGD one day considers updating the game a tad bit to support an economy better.
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We have to remember that the game is still in its infancy.

I'm sure there are lots of interesting changes in store for us in the future.
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Old 12-23-2007, 10:01 PM   #3
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Whereas i really like craft skills in mmorpgs when they are well designed (not like wow) and when they are quite participative (i mean you need different craft skills to come from direct ressource or loot to the final product usable), i really dont like economy when it comes to oppose players again each other to be richer and richer (lets say i prefer cooperation rather than selfishness). The best reward for crafting imo is to be able to craft better objects.
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As a newb, it just seems like I'm following the same linear paths as others, hacking and slashing my way up to level 35-50, in which I can participate in PvP and RvR. I'm sure I'll have much more fun in the higher-levels, but it's a daunting task getting there. Following a ton of "kill 8 monster" quests and filling the gaps by grinding on monsters.

Seems too linear, and too orientated around hack-n-slashing.
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Old 12-24-2007, 03:12 AM   #5
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Runescape is a example of a game with a huge economy
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In the games I played with a relatively large economy, there was a lot of competition; there were scammers, (more) beggars, and people would try to hack into other's accounts to transfer items to their own characters. Besides, mobs do drop better items than stores, Xymerald bows are good for archers in the 40s and everyone wants good attribute modifying equips.

As for the repetitive grinding quests, not all of them are like that; at lvl 19 and above, there are quite a few quests that don't involve grinding, like many quests in the Elements Runestones series.
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the problem with the whole cooking thing etc is that it becomes such a waste of time doing it all. it COULD add more experience to quests it COULD make more people play but to tell you the truth i think when the people actually get into the wz and capture forts etc its more fun than cooking people barely even want to cook in real life why would they wanna cook in a game. i think ngd is gonna introduce a crafting system to make loot into weapons, armor etc. in runescape tho people spend ALOT more time cooking, crafting, fishing, runecrafting etc than actually fighting *yawn it eventually gets boring and what you get for all of it is very little the ability to cook trout instead of fish which will get you possible +2 health whcih you could gain and more just by resting
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Originally Posted by jjj651
Runescape is a example of a game with a huge economy
Was. A friend of mine who plays spent hours upon hours bitching about how badly they screwed it over. I read about the update and have to agree.
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wow runescape been like 2 years since i quit runescape.rs is not that boring at least u got ways of making money but the pvp sucks.. i use to spend hours and hours just making runes fishing cooking shit is so slow... but at the end of the day u was proud cuz u made awsome money out of it.

i say a crafting skill in regnum would be good other then that it would suck. like let say u need to make a amulet out of sunstone. u would need a gold bar and the gem. making new items like tunics armour for us mages knights etc it would be cool and we can start merchanting if they do.

i do agree we loosing new players who start playing regnum cuz is really bare almost nuthin todo. even after a while after u been in war so much and have so much rps there is nuthin todo other then make a nuther character. wat would happen if u have all 6 characters 50? well u get bord some ppl are goin for there 3 and 4 now (ref) some are quiting cuz they cant take it plus adding that the games crashes and lags are insane... i do have hope for regnum but thats gonna happen in like 3 or 4 more months and a lot of ppl cant wait that long they rather swich to a nuther
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The quests do get really repetitive. I'm a little disappointed with the lack of variety, but it is a free game.
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