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Default the beginning (just another story)

thousant's of years ago, the world was completly different, the elfs where yet to emerge and our world as we know it today was ruled by strange humanoid's, who the later elfs called 'starit' or 'the old ones'.
the sky was filled with clouds and never could the sun shine on these barren lands. but then, a small part of the clouds for only a small amount of time started to clear, a small sunbeam fell to the ground and with the communion of sun and earth grow a new thing, a tree, the oldest of all tree's and the mother of all life. the tree began to spread seads on to the ground and the first of the elfs apeared, and slowly but steadily they gained numbers, the starit did not trust the newcommers and started to provoce the elfs by slavery.
as years past the elfs started to form an underground rebelion against there masters and a few decenia later they formed an army under fistrius, there leader and first of all elfs, the elfs went into battle in a place called arvani (now arvanna woods) the battle was fierce and the ground began to crumble under the constant batteling and the blood that was spilled the ground it's redish color it still has today (all though it's more orange now to the leafs falling). but the elfs emerged victorious and cast the remainder of the starit to takatat radah, or 'the far land' beyond the land that is now called ignis the elfes imprissoned there former masters and sealed them so they would never emerge again, the screems, hatred, and curses of the starit made the ground infertile and the desert apeared.

this story is in construcion but please let me know if u want it to read it further, hope u like it and perhaps makes u look differnet to our realm

thx for ur comment

ps. srr for my crappy english
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